Will You Invest in Success?

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You’ve seen the movies where the key character has the cars, the toys, the houses, and every material thing a person could want, and more, but they sacrificed the really important things in life, like love and relationships, to possess them. This post is not about that. Read on and you’ll discover important information regarding how you must proceed to have what you want in life.

A great man and mentor of mine taught me, “You can have anything you want as long as you pay”. This sentence may seem to drop off without a definitive answer as to what must be paid, and that’s the point. Nothing comes without some sort of payment. In order to have love we must give lovingly. In order to have peace, we must create an environment of security. In order to have a thriving business, we must invest energy and resources. And, so on…

What about you and me? Is it not true that if we want to be the best we can be as a person or at some business, sport, art, etc. that we must in some way “pay” to become that? My experience has been that so many people choose to withhold investing in themselves because they believe they can do it (whatever “it” is) on their own and without paying time, attention, money, and other resources. They go against the percentages believing they can be as successful as people who are top in their field on their own. Let me share a couple of experiences of famous people to see how they got what they wanted because they were willing to “pay”.

The man Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P Diddy, or whatever other name he has gone by started out as an intern working for free for a record label. He worked hard, was a student of the organization’s practices and processes and had Andre Harrell as his mentor and coach. Combs personal and professional growth led him to the point he quit the recording company and started his own record label. The rest is history. He now estimated to be worth close to $800 million. This is an example of having no money and paying with time and attention to achieve success. What if Sean Combs would have decided he needed to go to work for a regular paycheck and refused to pay with attention and time to receive the education in the Recording Industry? Someone else would have taken his place and who knows where he would be now.

Of course, the world is repleat with those who started with very little money, worked out of a garage, reinvested their profits and became millionaires or billionaires, such as Kevin Plank of Under Armour, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google. These successful people worked hard, reinvested into their businesses, and they all built upon the ideas of predecessors and/or contemporaries. They “paid” with time, money, and the humility to know they could learn from others.

Both types of success stories I wrote about above have a commonality: To reach the heights of success these people have, they have all had mentors and coaches. When you think about having a mentor or coach, do you visualize going to them for one time, downloading all their knowledge, and then creating success from that one interaction? No. Most mentorships and coaching experiences last for 6 months, a year, several years, or even a lifetime so that continuous results are obtained. Think Maya Angelou and Oprah. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Michael Bloomberg and Larry Page. All of these mentor/mentee relationships are/were years long investments.

Finally, consider this: How many times have you gone to your medical doctor with a problem and they didn’t cure your ailment in one visit? It rarely happens. Even if they do, you usually return for a follow-up to show your progress. Most of the time it takes a few visits to discover any underpinning causes so that you go beyond treating the symptoms and treat the root cause. You invest time and money to achieve the result of success with your health. The costs associated with not going to the doctor for help, or minimizing the visits, can be catastrophic, even death-dealing. I recently found that out when I realized my recent critical health problems could have been prevented with regular health checkups. So, I fully understand about investing time and money in yourself in the area of health, personal development, and business.

Now, many of the readers of this newsletter are clients of mine. Some I have mentored and coached to successes beyond what many people would believe, especially in the areas of leadership and sales. I have been told by those who have witnessed the results to “dumb-down” the stories I share because they cause people’s “BS” alarm to go off. What people sometimes forget is that, even though some of the results happened in just one session, most experiences happened over multiple sessions. These people who are living the life of their dreams and who have seen their goals become materialized were willing to invest time and money in regularly scheduled sessions to achieve the level of success they desired.

So, what dreams and goals would you like to achieve? 2016 will be ending in about 14 short weeks. Will you say, once again, “I didn’t achieve all I wanted… AGAIN!” or, will be on the list of those who achieved their dreams and goals again, again, and again?!!! Are you willing to make the investment now for a bigger, brighter future?!!