Why Effective Leaders REPEAT Themselves

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Over four decades ago, when I first began giving trainings and seminars, an individual, who I considered experienced and wise, pulled me aside, and explained to me, a concept he referred to as the Rule of 8, which he strongly believed was a necessity for effective communication. Since that time, I have read many articles, etc, which basically state the same theory. This is extremely relevant and important, when it comes to becoming an effective leader. because one must decide what to discuss, how often, and how to best convey issues he considers priority items. Therefore, this article will briefly discussing, using the mnemonic approach, why effective leaders often REPEAT themselves.

1. Resonate; reality; reasons; rationale: A leader achieves his objective, when he can get a considerable number of constituents, to care more deeply, become more involved, and, hopefully, adopt his vision, as their own! Because of the Rule of 8, the reality is, one’s central message is often lost, unless repeated often! Strive to make that message resonate by repeating it, and providing some sort of easy – to – understand, reality check! Explain your reasons, and the potential ramifications, and why they should be important to others. Take your time, and continue explaining, until you feel they grasped your rationale!

2. Effectiveness; energy; elicit; empathize: Maximize your effectiveness by carefully picking your battles, and carefully identifying your goals and priorities. Focus your energy in these selected areas, and attempt to elicit a positive response! Get to know and understand, those you serve, and always proceed with true empathy!

3. Priorities; perceptions; planning: If you didn’t realize it previously, these past year’s political campaigns, should have demonstrated that communication is often more about perceptions, than anything else! Put your focus on the right priorities, and effective plan, using quality strategic planning!

4. Earn; explain; emphasize: What will you do, to earn the respect, of those you serve. Beware, respect and popularity are far different entities, and while candidates often focus on popularity, great leaders automatically earn respect, because of the example they set, and their actions! It is often somewhat challenging to get one’s message across effectively, so you must emphasize your core issues, and repeat this, on a regular basis!

5. Attention; attitude; articulate: Those who possess a can – do, positive attitude, are self – confident, enough, to focus on a central, meaningful message! Pay attention to what needs repeating, and articulate it, in a compelling manner. Understand, one can repeat the same message, without appearing repetitive, or boring!

6. Timing; trends; theme: Getting through often becomes a matter of timing, because different people pay attention at different times, and in a variety of ways! Know which trends might help you communicate more effectively, but do not deviate significantly from your central theme!

Repeating yourself, and being boring, do not have to be the same! True leaders know how important it is to REPEAT themselves, especially when it comes to a vision, goals and/ or priorities!