What It Should MEAN, To Be A Leader?

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One of the most over – used, and misused terms, is describing, and/ or referring, to those serving. in positions of leadership, automatically, as leaders! The reality is, there is a significant difference, between these two scenarios, and, unfortunately, as I have discovered, in my, over 4 decades of involvement, in nearly, every aspect of leadership, from identifying and qualifying individuals, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or potential leaders, as well as serving, as a leader, in a variety of positions, and various size, and types of groups and organizations. and, therefore, feel, it might be helpful, to review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it should MEAN, to be an actual leader.

1. Make mark; mention; motivate: How can anyone be considered, to be a leader, until/ unless, he proceeds, in a relevant, sustainable manner, and does, all he possibly can, to make his mark, for the better, for the group he serves, and constituents, he represents? This requires many skills, attributes, etc, but must consistently include, being ready, willing and able, to mention, others, and thank them, for their efforts, contributions, and involvement. Until/ unless, someone is ready, willing, and able, to consistently, inspire and motivate others, to get further involved, committed, and, hopefully, seek to become a leader, in the future!

2. Empathy; emphasis; energize; excellence; endurance: When one is a leader, he realizes, there will often be, several obstacles, and he must consider them, to be challenges, to overcome, rather than problems! This necessitates the utmost degree of endurance, to fight – on, when lesser individuals, give up! The process must begin with effective listening, and learning, from every conversation and experience, in order to proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! It’s important, for this, to direct one’s emphasis, in order to energize, his constituents. Never accept good – enough, but, rather, one must demand, the utmost degree of personal excellence!

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: One must proceed with a true, positive, can – do, attitude, which focuses on getting, things done and achieved, rather than, merely, accepting the same – old, same – old! When this is combined with a well – developed, relevant aptitude and skill – set, he becomes ready, and prepared, to pay keen attention, to the priorities, perceptions, needs, and goals, and to proceed accordingly, creating the best strategic and action plans, in order to create, develop, and implement, the finest, relevant. sustainable, viable solutions, etc!

4. Needs; notice; nerve: Before one can address the needs of his organization and constituents, he must be able and willing, to realistically, with an open – mind, notice, what’s needed, necessary, and a true priority! This individual must proceed, with the nerve to make quality changes, for the better, rather than being restricted by the same – old, same – old, limitations, of remaining within the confines of a self – imposed, comfort zone!

Now, that, you better understand, what it should MEAN, to be a leader, are you up, to the task? Should you be a leader?