What Is FREE – Thinking Leadership?

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How might anyone be, a truly, relevant, significant leader, until/ unless, he considers all viable options and alternatives, rather than becoming confined – to, and restricted by the limitations of his personal comfort zone? True leaders must have the strength – of – character, to proceed, consistently, with a willingness to be, FREE – thinkers, and pursuing the best options, rather than accepting, the same – old, same – old, thinking, pursuits, and plans! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the reasons, this is important to consider, and essential to pursue, if you seek quality, effective, relevant leadership.

1. Face facts; faithful; faith; follow; future: Being a free – thinker, does not mean, one abandons reality, and proceeds, consistently, to face the facts, in a relevant, sustainable, well – considered manner! One must be, consistently, faithful, to, both those he serves and represents, and the organization’s ideology, but, also, to himself! Will you have the necessary degree of faith, in your ideas and beliefs, and ability to be a truly, effective leader? Why should others be willing to follow you, unless/ until, you clearly focus, on present needs and priorities, in a relevant way, as well as creating a sustainable future?

2. Real/ realistic; rationale; reasons/ reasoning; relevant: Considering options and alternatives, does not mean, abandoning realistic observations, if you hope, to be, a real leader. Will you proceed, with a rationale, which will serve the best interests of those you serve and represent, rather than merely your personal/ political agenda, and self – interest? Are your proposals, ideas, suggestions, and pursuits, meaningful, and relevant?

3. Empathy; emphasis: Quality leadership demands effectively listening, and learning, from every conversation and experience, so, as to, place one’s emphasis, where it will benefit, the group, as a whole, as well as, individual constituents, etc.

4. Endurance; energy/ energize; excellence: There will always be. obstacles, thrust in the path, of those in positions of leadership! What differentiates, between, true leaders, and the rest – of – the – pack, is possessing the degree of endurance, to proceed forward, while others, give – up! A real leader proceeds the amount of energy, which inspires and motivates, those around him! He never settles for, or accepts, good – enough, but, rather, demands his utmost degree of personal excellence!

Will you be a FREE – thinking leader? Why do you believe, you’re up, to the task?