What Are the Barriers to Personal Growth and Development?

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Many obstacles exist to prevent us as business owners and entrepreneurs from reaching our true potential. Some are external, some are internal, and some barriers to personal growth and development can be remarkably personal. It is what goes on between the ears. It is what is going on inside our mind that creates such a distant chasm between our reality and the life we dream of. It is what others tell us that influence our behavior. It is the lack of knowledge, time and resources that keep people ‘stuck in a rut’ and never get out of it.

Here are examples of some barriers to personal growth and development:

1.         Mindset: The mind is the greatest soap opera of all time. It reenacts and plays out all kinds of scenarios, ranging from happiness to fear to despair to negativity. What is going on between the ears can make or break a personal growth. This is one of the most challenging of barriers to personal growth and development because where there exists negativity, doubt and fear, there can be no positive growth. Such negative emotions could our mind and prevent us from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

2.         External Forces: We are social creatures and have an innate need to socialize with other fellow beings. However, if our peers have their own set of limiting beliefs and ideas of how to live a happy and rewarding life on this Earth and then thrust their backward ideas upon us we are done for. This presents huge barriers to personal growth and development to most of us, for peer pressure doesn’t go away after high school.

3.         Lack of Time: Personal development requires some time and commitment for the aspiring business owner and entrepreneur. The lack of time and a busy schedule poses a significant problem. There are so many hours in a day but it is possible to squeeze in personal development for 1 hour a week despite the most severe of hectic schedules.

4.         No Mentorship or Guidance: A mentor or coach provides feedback, advice and a friendly ear to our needs. Business owners require a mentor in order to be held accountable and grow as individuals. This constitutes the bulk of the barriers to personal growth and development.

5.         Lack of Education: People who do not value personal development are mostly illiterate, uneducated, unmotivated and uninformed. Personal development is crucial for the business owner to achieve success in his business.

Obstacles have and will always exist and never completely go away. However if we learn how to prevent such barriers to personal growth and development from happening or reoccurring in our lives, then we can stand a better chance in living the life we deserve.