Use of Colours To Be More Appealing Online

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In a very strange article today, we will be talking about how colours can decide a lot many things. We all perhaps have gone through those psychological tests regarding choice of colour, especially in those chain emails. While most of those are for fun, serious psychologists have discovered many aspects of colour and its association with our mind. Don’t you feel fresh with the colour green? The sky blue perhaps makes you relaxed and big hearted (the effect is derived from the vastness of blue sky and also blue ocean). Clever use of colour schemes can help you to boost your site’s performance as well. Remember how grey Wikipedia is; grey, the colour, which often denotes wisdom.

Survey shows a few many things. If you are targeting the female audience, especially the young group, a pink themed website makes them really feel at home. They are mostly a giggling and jolly bunch. The pink colour is a cute colour which goes well with their personality and they feel oneness with the site, resulting in a higher traffic and conversion rate.

Similarly blue invokes trust. It sends a message of reliability and coolness. The colour doesn’t promise much, in fact it is opposite of extravagance. It invokes trust, so if you are looking to gain trust, like in the case of an academic site or a financial institution, blue can do magic for you.

Orange, surprisingly, has been a choice of many of my colleagues. They said, they just love the Orange on white or ‘steel-ish’ colour and it makes them feel fresh. I guess it has something to do with the fruit. Remember, nature and natural colours always bring fresh perception to in your mind. And, this takes me to a personal favourite, Green.

Green, the fresh leaf colour, has always been my personal favourite to such an extent that my Gmail theme is set to fresh grass. The colour green has proven to be the most refreshing colour in the world. The nature, which is mostly green, is also good for our eyes. If your aim is to smell fresh and refreshing, nothing is going to help you more than a green based theme.

The colour grey symbolises wisdom. Remember, how the wise old owl was also grey? Grey signifies age, and we assume with age comes wisdom and knowledge. No wonder, we associate grey with wisdom. For an example, see how wonderfully Wikipedia has captured this.

In fact, one single article is not enough to explain the full significance of colour on psychology and how to use the colour schemes in your website to appeal to the probable client base but this article can give you a starting point. Please study more to know how clever use colours can make you more popular online.