Treating Anxiety Disorder – 5 Self Help Tips For Controlling Anxiety Naturally

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Regardless of what type of anxiety disorder you have or what has caused it, there are many others like you who are looking for help with treating anxiety disorder without resorting to medication. Self help techniques can be the best place to start. So before you go running to a medical professional, try some of these simple tips.

1. Perform Relaxation Exercises

When treating anxiety disorder, learning proper relaxation techniques is important. Many people suffering from anxiety disorders have seen success with meditation. Or if you find it difficult to meditate try some simple deep breathing techniques. Progressive relaxation, which involves alternatively tensing and relaxing each muscle group in the body, is also excellent for reducing feelings of anxiety.

2. Stay Occupied

The easiest method of treating anxiety disorder is very simple; keep your mind and body active. It does not matter what you are doing, but make it something you enjoy, like having a game of tennis with a friend or engaging in a craft activity. When you are active, your mind is not wandering and thinking about disturbing things, which can lead to increased anxiety.

3. Take Control of Your Emotions

This method of treating anxiety disorder seems hard, but it is a great way to seek relief. Your emotions and your inability to deal with them can lead to debilitating anxiety. Try to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings when you feel most anxious. Writing them down in a journal is useful. When you notice yourself thinking these disturbing thoughts, switch your focus onto something else, something more positive. Learning to control your thoughts and emotions fuels you with the confidence you need to overcome your anxiety.

4. Think Positively

Although it can be hard to think of positive things when you are always focused on your anxiety, it is important to try. Think back to all the good things you have done, or the positive experiences you have had over the years. Write them down on a piece of paper that you can carry around with you. When you feel down, get out your piece of paper and read through all the good things you have experienced. When you focus on the good things in life, your mood lifts and you gain more confidence. Confidence is what you need when treating anxiety disorder at home.

5. Have a Strong Support System

One mistake that anxiety disorder sufferers make is keeping their feelings bottled inside. This makes the situation worse. Treating anxiety disorder can involve something as simple as having a strong support system at home or at work where you can talk about your feelings. Talk to others about the good things in your life to increase your confidence and self-esteem. Talk to them about the bad things to deal with these emotions and get the burden off your shoulders. Sharing your problems with others makes treating anxiety disorder easier.

Trying these self help tips for treating anxiety disorder will give you a sense of control over your problem. From this will grow more confidence in your ability to overcome anxiety for good.