Touchdown! Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business (And Life)

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"Touchdown! Achieving Your Greatness On the Playing Field of Business (and Life)" by Kevin Elko is a quick motivating read with some practical coaching on success. While the title and some examples in the text will appeal to football fans, the advice applies to all areas of business and life.

The cornerstone of Elko’;s book is that going for what we want in our lives is similar to going for a national sports championship, and that it comes down to the way we think. You need to think right and practice the necessary skills to succeed, but it must happen in the mind first.

As I stated, it is a quick read, the chapters and book are not long. That does not mean the lessons are not important. Like many self-help and success books, the principles taught are not that complex, even if putting them into practice becomes harder than it would seem at times. We know this lessons from the text, "You first must not let the weeds of negative thought take hold and strangle your vision." But how many of us let negative thoughts distract us or prevent us from achieving our goals? Books like "Touchdown!" help keep those negative thoughts from overcoming our productive advances toward our goals.

I enjoyed the stimulating lessons and the sport examples. I liked the practical suggestions to assist you with implementing the strategies for your own success. If you enjoy motivating texts to help keep you focused on your own road to success, and if you are a fan of sports, you will enjoy "Touchdown!" by Kevin Elko. If you do not like football or sports analogies, this might not be the best motivation for you. Personally, I like both motivational books and football, so I enjoyed this quick read, and actually took action on some of the suggestions. I recommend it.