This I Believe by Vic Conant

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Vic Conant is the president of Nightingale-Conant, known as the largest publisher of personal development programs in the world. This I Believe is an audio course that contains the teachings that are accumulated from all of Vic Conant’;s years learning about personal development and using the strategies in his life.

Being the son of Lloyd Conant, Vic has been exposed to personal development on a very deep level and has more knowledge about success than most leaders in the industry. This I Believe is a collection of personal insights from Vic that has been taken from his lifetime of studying success. This audio course is a bit different from your traditional one.

Rather than being a step by step system or a course that is taught for the listeners to follow, This I Believe is engaging. It shares all of Vic’;s advice through personal stories and his experiences so that the listener feels like he is talking to a person that has actually understood what it takes to succeed.

But what gives Vic the credibility to teach personal development when there are so many other leaders in this field? What gives him credibility is results. Vic has success in the business world, with his marriage, family, and relationships. Like everyone else, he’;s had challenges and his personal philosophy and positive psychology is what helped him get to where is today.

Vic is also a student of success and has worked with many of the leading teachers in finance, psychology, relationships, and success. That’;s why Vic is capable of giving some of the best insights in all areas of personal success.

In this audio course, Vic covers every area from health, character, business success, leadership, family, to relationships. The audio course is delivered across 4 CDs and includes a workbook so you can go through the exercises and take notes while listening to Vic’;s advice.

For people who want personal development advice that is not preachy or formulaic, they’;ll love This I Believe. The course goes through Vic’;s teachings in a conversational style and his teaching style really helps you appreciate the wisdom that he is sharing in the CDs. Vic Conant is very well known in the personal development industry and also as a business leader.

For those that want to get to know more about what has made him successful, this audio course will give insights that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Vic has the privilege of working with some of the largest names from John Cummuta, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, to Denis Waitley. That’;s why he has so much expertise in many different areas.

In conclusion, this is a solid audio course by Vic Conant. This I Believe is more of a personal piece but there are many gems that the listener will take away. This course has been met with mixed reviews with most of the feedback being positive. This is not the traditional self help program designed to transform your life in 30 days, it’;s a collection of years of wisdom by Vic.