The NAPPISCIAM Approach, To Developing, A Valuable Action Plan

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Many people speak about the need, for a meaningful, relevant strategy, and applying that, to perceiving, conceiving, developing, and implementing, the best possible, action plan, but few, once they assume, positions of leadership, actually, do so! After over 4 decades of involvement, in nearly every aspect of leading, and leadership planning, and having identified, qualified, trained, and developed, thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, I have come to believe, one meaningful way, to do so, is what I refer to, as, the NAPPISCIAM approach, to developing, a valuable action plan. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why it makes, a real difference, for the better.

1. Needs: No plan, makes any difference, for the better, until/ unless, it is based on the actual needs, of the organization, itself, as well as its stakeholders. In order to do so, takes the ability to fully consider, what these actually are, without any pre – conceived notions!

2. Attention: How one focuses his attention, and whether, he does so, with an open – mind, differentiates between true leaders, and the rest – of – the – pack!

3. Priorities: Whose priorities, one serves and represents, is significant, because unless, it is based on the needs, goals, and perceptions of stakeholders, and constituents, it is not possible, to create the best, action plan, for the particular group!

4. Perceptions: Two types of needs, should be addressed, in one’s strategic and action plans! The first of these, obviously is the actual ones, but, unless, an attempt is made, to identify, and address, the perceptions of those one serves and represents, why would anyone be willing to listen, and participate?

5. Empathize: In developing, strategies, and approaches, a leader must prioritize, effectively listening, and learning, from every conversation, and experience! Only, when this is the process, will anyone be able to genuinely, empathize, and involve, and inspire, others, to buy – into, the program!

6. Strategy: You can’t jump, right – in, and create an action plan. Rather, one must proceed, with a strategy, focused on addressing, current challenges, and needs, in a relevant manner, while ensuring, his approach, is, also, sustainable!

7. Consider; create: Great leaders, seriously consider, the options and alternatives, if they hope, to create an action plan, which might make a difference, for the better!

8. Implement: The reason, it’s called, an action plan, is it creates a system, which implements, strategies, and approaches, focused, on change – for – the – better!

9. Articulate: How can one, get others to follow your plan, unless, you are able, and willing, to articulate, an inspiring, motivating, message?

10. Motivate to action: No one, leads, in a vacuum! Rather, it is incumbent, upon, quality leaders, to motivate, and inspire, others, to participating, and taking relevant action!

Will you consider the NAPPISCIAM approach, to creating, and developing, a quality, action plan? Are you the best person, for the responsibility?