The Keys To SMART Leadership

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In my, over four decades, of identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and service, in a number of capacities, as a leader, I have often been asked, what makes someone a true leader, rather than merely a pseudo – leader. It often appears, those, asking, seek some magic elixir, or secret formula, so to proceed, forward, more easily, using some shortcuts. Quality leadership is not, a, one – size – fits – all, activity, but, rather, only occurs, when, there is some, perfect storm, or combination of skills, mindset, attitude, judgment, experience, and expertise, which creates a special type of relevant judgment, which transforms to meaningful wisdom, creating an individual, ready, willing and able, to make wise, well – considered, timely decisions, in a SMART way. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, consider, and discuss this key component, in effectively leading.

1. Strengths; stronger; systems; solutions; sustainable: One should begin, in an introspective, objective, way, to determine his personal strengths, and weaknesses, using strengths effectively, while addressing areas of weakness. How one proceeds, determines, if he will leave a stronger group, than when he assumed office. When the focus is, on viable solutions, rather than empty rhetoric or blaming and complaining, the best systems, will be utilized, aimed towards sustainability.

2. Make mark; managing; motivation; mention: Leaders must share credit, to inspire and motivate others, to increase their willingness to, get more involved and committed. To do so, constantly mention, and show you appreciate their efforts. How will you make your mark, for the better?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate; actions: Rhetoric and promises is not leading, but articulating an inspiring, relevant message, is a true, first step. Combining a positive, can – do, attitude, with a relevant aptitude, and leading, with your actions, is key, to success.

4. Relevant; reliable; reasonable; rationale; responsible; realistic: Looking or acting busy, or, even, being so, only matters, when one’s leadership, is relevant and reliable. Proceed with reasonable expectations, and carefully articulate your rationale. One is not leading, unless he proceeds, in a responsible way.

5. Timely; timetable; trends; trustworthy; trust: How will you demonstrate, you are trustworthy, and worthy of the trust of others. Will you tell the truth, rather than taking a shortcut.? Establish a well – planned, timetable, use it, and always proceed, in a well – considered, timely manner.

SMART leaders, often appear to be, few, and far between. Are you read Your?