The Importance of Seminars and Education – Feed Your Brain

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There’s an old proverb, and I’m paraphrasing to the best of my ability, that goes something like this: “If a man has two coins, he should spend one on food and one on education.” I searched for the exact quote but, after thirty minutes of “coin trick” results, I decided to move on. The essence of the quote is that you should feed your brain as much as your body if you wish to get ahead. Which leads me to my most recent brain-food experience.

Last weekend I attended Armand Morin’s “Success Leaves Traces” seminar in Los Angeles. If you’re not familiar with Armand, he’s one of the most successful, brightest and informative Internet marketers in the world. It was the second time I saw Armand; the first time less than a year ago. I figured since I just saw him last year, I’d probably take two or three pages of notes. Well, eighteen full pages later, I discovered I was wrong!

I’m not a professional “seminar attender”, but I do like to go to at least a couple every year, and have been doing so for nearly twenty years because, I believe, just like the old proverb, it is extremely important to always continue to learn something new. It’s easy to think you’ve heard it all or seen it all before, but you haven’t. Even in the worst seminar I’ve taken, I’ve come away with useful information. Plus, you get the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people who are educating themselves in the same way you are. I’ve come away from some seminars learning more from my fellow attendees than the speakers themselves!

I’ve also started reading another marketing book by one of the greats, Robert Cialdini, simply titled “Influence”. More brain food. The book shelves in my office are filled with books, DVD courses and audio CD’s (to listen to while driving) that I’ve read, watched or listened to over the years. I’ve forgotten much of what I’ve learned, but some of the nuggets of information I’ve garnered have stuck in my craw and I doubt that they’ll ever disappear.

If you already attend meetings, teleseminars and webinars, good for you. If not, I highly recommend finding one of the many free ones offered online. Most of the top Internet marketers have mailing lists announcing their latest offering. Sign up for one that piques your curiosity. In the meantime, buy a book. Whether it’s Robert Cialdini’s “Influence”, Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” or one of the many other great marketing books out there, get your hands on one and start reading. It’s amazing how many questions that you haven’t even asked will be answered and problems you aren’t aware of will be solved. Remember another classic saying – “don’t reinvent the wheel” – instead, learn from the best wheel makers!