The 6 Traits of a Healthy Personality!

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Would you like to advance your professional and personal image? Would you like people to remember you by your confidence, flair, style, and most of all by your spirit? Your personality and how you project it is the ultimate key to achieving these goals.

Your personality is the development of organized patterns, behaviors, and attitudes that make you distinct. Combined they create a healthy, attractive persona causing you to stand out and be remembered. In the corporate and public sectors, a pleasing personality can climb the success ladder much quicker than someone with a nasty or gloomy disposition.

There are six distinct traits or qualities that people with healthy personalities possess. If you take a moment to reflect on some of our planet’s most successful and memorable people, you will notice that they all possessed these six traits in one form or another. Even if your personality doesn’t shine like a highly polished diamond, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make in a very short time.

These traits are not reserved for only special people. The good news is everyone can develop a healthy personality with minimal time and practice. Let’s take a brief look at the six qualities to get a better understanding of how easy it really can be.

Quality #1

They Rarely Complain!

Logically, there is a time and place for complaining. However, chronic complainers are chronic downers, and most people do not want to associate with them. It requires no musical talent to harp on something constantly. When necessary, healthy personalities complain in a “professional manner.” That means: They wait for the opportune moment, they rarely raise their voices, they are never derogatory, they never point fingers, and most of all they focus on solutions with “win-win” outcomes. If more people were trained to be “solution-oriented” rather than “problem-centered,” complaining might become extinct.

Quality #2

They Easily Forgive!

It’s very rare for a healthy personality to hold grudges. That’s because they have a healthy self-esteem which helps them not to take things personally. Although you cannot use them as doormats, it’s very rare that a healthy personality is plotting revenge or seeking to destroy anyone in any way.

Quality #3

They Get Along with Lots of Different Types of People!

Notice: They don’t only get along with lots of people-they get along with lots of “different” types of people. That is an incredible skill that more people need to possess. Regardless of color, race, belief system, or sexual orientation, the healthy personality has great rapport skills and can find common ground with any person. They usually build strong bonds with co-workers and friends, and this quality affords them healthy, long-term relationships.

Quality #4

They Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude! – (PMA)

Positive thinking will not help you do anything, but positive thinking can help you do everything better than negative thinking. Therefore, a positive mental attitude at home and on the job is a critical component to your success. No one has ever suffered a severe case of eyestrain by looking on the bright side of things, and this is what the healthy personality does so well. While they acknowledge or recognize negativity, they keep their eyes focused or fixed on the positive. Employees with a PMA climb the ladder of success faster than toxic, jaundiced, negative people.

Quality #5

They Are Assertive!

Assertiveness is another key component to a healthy personality. Assertive behavior respects the needs and interests of all people. Instead of arrogance, they project a healthy sense of pride. Instead of greed, their focus is on achievement. Rather than competition they think “win-win.” A healthy personality is a natural result or by-product of assertiveness.

Quality #6

They Smile A Lot!

The American Medical Association states that smiling creates many positive, healthy effects on your body. Smiling reduces your stress and helps to enhance immune functioning. Did you know your smile can be a predictor of how long you’ll live — and that a simple smile has a measurable effect on your overall well-being? Smiling can help alleviate emotional pain and has a powerful effect on your mood. At the same time, your smile can change the mood of others. The average child smiles about 400 times per day; while the average adult smiles about 15 times per day. A person with a healthy personality smiles about 150-200 times per day. That could be the main reason why so many people gravitate towards them. Remember, the direction of your day always goes in the direction that the corners of your mouth point.