Anyone in Debt knows what it’;s like to have Bill Collectors trying to get their hands on you at all times of the day, sending notice after notice, and the calling, house visits, and sometimes even borderline harassment. It’;s a Massive Burden that will get you behind with your bills […]

After more than four decades of occupation, in almost all aspects of leadership, from identifying, qualifying, and training, to developing, consulting, and personally serving, as a leader, in a variety of different size and purposes, I have come to firmly believe, one of the major obstacles, which differentiate between true […]

If you have ever attended one of my seminars or training sessions, or read some of my other articles, you realize, I firmly believe, it is imperative upon someone, who wishes to be a real leader, to focus on solutions, and avoid the easy, lazy tendency, to blame and/ or […]

In nearly every group and/ or organization, we often, witness, some individuals, who either, are elected, selected, or ascend to a position of leadership, who appear, either unprepared, unready, unwilling, or unable, to effectively, make a difference, for the better. Being a quality leader, involves, far more, than, simply making […]

When Apple was first founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April 1976, to develop and sell personal computers, the technology was astounding, and nothing like anything we had seen before. With digital technology so advanced, people were convinced that no other competitor would ever compare. Then […]

Projects by nature are not systemic. They do not involve repetitive work and processes. Every project is unique and involves wide spread team players. They have a fixed start and end schedule. This makes management and systemization all the more challenging. These challenges typically surround projects not being completed within […]

Through history, those living above the ordinary, those exceptional, auspicious individuals who have been fortunately enough to have developed their talent and creative ability-have enlisted the help of coaches. Why? Coaches help them to stay on top of their game. High achievers recognize that they need someone who is objective […]

Alternative therapy solutions are becoming more and more popular. Many people are getting away from the medical model because the solution so often involves drugs as the mode of treatment. People are beginning to seek alternative therapies looking towards natural products, chiropractics and osteopathy, yoga, homeopathy treatments, deep breathing, traditional […]

Dr. Arnd Stein’;s program, Creative Solutions utilizes the latest technologies in reference to psychology, sound, and super-learning to ensure that each session provides an extraordinary experience. Each of the lessons focus on healing, self-development, reaching goals, and beating obstacles. The techniques used in this program are designed to reprogram the […]

If you are not being as successful in life as you would like then it is time to stop and analyze the situation. Step 1 is to identify the barrier. What is it that is stopping you from being successful? What is the problem? This is the diagnostic stage. You […]