Actors new to the industry seldom seek advice about how to be more effective as performers. Their goals are misplaced and detached from what is actually relevant to their vocation, that of being competent and professional performers. Instead, they became obsessed with the business side of the profession, how to […]

This time of year usually brings out those resolutions … both personal resolutions and company goals. Regardless of what the goal is, here are some tips to help with your goal setting: Before you define goal … be sure it meets the SMART criteria: – Specific: A specific goal has […]

In a difficult economy it is harder to reach your career goals. Less job availability makes moving up the corporate ladder a slow, strenuous climb. Concentrating on career goals becomes secondary when scrambling for a job – any job. However, when you are looking for work, keeping focused on your […]

You’;ll never accomplish anything in life without paying a cost for it. To build a business will require you to work longer hours in the beginning. You may have to get up early or stay up later. You may have to ban your TV for the next year. If you […]

Setting goals is one thing that many people love to do – find a new job, get a salary raise, buy a new car. The bad news though is most people are not capable of achieving their goals. Let’;s explore the probable reasons why this is so. First reason why […]

As I write this, I’m on a plane flying from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado. Do you think that the pilot would have taken off from the airport aimlessly, without any kind of flight plan? If you go on a cruise, does the captain drift without direction and hope that […]