If you’;re constantly focused on your goals, you’;ll end up living in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction – a highly successful client once explained to me. Goals, by their definition, have not happened yet. On the other hand, life is happening now. And it is in the cut and thrust […]

A life coach is engaged in the practice of supporting an individual through the process of achieving personal or professional goals. This process is facilitated with the help of a professional coach who employers structured methodologies designed to empower the individual through focus, learning, feedback and accountability for achieving specific […]

With so many of our children overweight and many already diabetic, I think every one in America will be in favor of Michelle Obama’;s campaign against childhood obesity. Taking on such a huge problem is going to require a lot more than praise. It will require more than healthy choices, […]

Have you set goals , personal or business, and failed to achieve them? Here is a cruel question: WHY? The answer is simple: Because you did not have a strong enough desire. Some may argue with that: "But I did set goals with a strong desire and still I did […]

The sad statistic is that only 4% of Americans set any goals for themselves. You are probably asking yourself “why set short term goals?” If you really wish to accomplish anything in life you must know where you want to go. The subconscious mind requires exact details of what it […]