Network marketing is one of the best opportunities out there for entrepreneurs. It can help create multiple income streams and side-step some financial pressures of changing economic times and questionable futures of jobs and careers. Here are 21 common ways that most people go wrong. Read them to see what […]

Alli, the new over-the-counter brand of prescription drug Xenical from Glaxo-SmithKline, is being marketed by a new mix of messages. Their marketers understand both the emergence and importance of social networking as a new media marketing tool, as evidenced in their latest commercial. They get it. They are now able […]

The Law of Verbal Packaging states that the more skillful a person is in the use of language, the more persuasive they will be. People are persuaded by us based on the words we use. Words affect our perceptions, our attitudes, our beliefs, and our emotions. The words we use […]

Imagine your stores full of customers – there’s no space for keeping a foot. There’s no sale/discounts running in your stores – but your stores are just packed with customers. Isn’t it something you dream about? When you talk marketing, when you spend on advertising, when you put some stuff […]

Writing E-books And E-courses For Fun And Profit. Developing a unique product to sell on-line does not have to be a big deal. The trick is to find something that does not include a lot of inventory, shipping cost and is relative inexpensive to reproduce. I can’t think of anything […]

In the world of ample competition, the chances are your skill-set, product and services are available from a number of supplier sources. Buyers have choice! They look for options before they decide to buy! If you are talking to a prospect, it’s a given, that they are interested on some […]

If you are looking for quality programs and self-help software that will enable you to live life better, Greg Frost is the guy you should look for. You ask why? This is because he is known for several self-improvement methods that hanged the lives of many. He has a website […]

There are different "classes" of customers that you will deal with everyday. Each class is handled differently and you must try to apply the classes to your sales activity. Think about the types of customers you receive when doing your selling online or face to face and see what it […]

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