If you have ever attended one of my seminars or training sessions, or read some of my other articles, you realize, I firmly believe, it is imperative upon someone, who wishes to be a real leader, to focus on solutions, and avoid the easy, lazy tendency, to blame and/ or […]

Since, for most of us, our house represents the single – largest, financial asset, does not make it sense, when you decide, to sell your home, to get the best results, and when you purchase, you get the quality house , you seek and deserve? In most parts of the […]

What the world doesn’t need is another spiritual pithy statement, but, lessons come in all forms and what the world does need is more openness and acceptance. It’s OK to receive, we don’t always have to give. In fact, if we are just giving, we are stunting the growth in […]

Whether you are involved in the leadership of an organization or a business, or if you are self – employed, work for another, or are not working, your eventual results and your success or failure, are often based on your ability to, and how you develop those skills needed to […]