It’s almost that time of year again when people eagerly prepare their list of New Year’s resolutions. But turning them into reality is a difficult task for many people, as well-intentioned goals fall into the “Oops,” “Well, I really meant to….” or other category of wishes that didn’t quite translate […]

Do you remember that feeling at the beginning of a new school year starting with brand new school supplies? That sense of freshness and new beginnings as you open up the first page of an untouched notebook and hold a new sharp pointed pencil poised to make the first mark? […]

New Year’s resolutions are a hit during the beginning of every year, but it has acquired a bad reputation due to people giving up on their resolves. Statistics show that only 9.2% of people feel like they were actually able to achieve the resolutions they made. Why do people give […]

You can forget about making New Year’s Resolutions if you’re hoping for a successful outcome. Most aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. No less than Mark Twain has written of New Year’s Resolutions, “Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can […]

The beginning of a new year ushers in wishes, dreams, and plans that motivate us to work towards a better and more fulfilling year. For many of us, creating New Year’;s resolution is one of the most important tasks to start the year. The process of highlighting one’;s resolution is […]

There is no better time to set a new agenda than in January, when visions of greatness are plentiful, hopes are high, and the energy of the new year ignites ideas that excite you in every area of life. But how do you make your resolutions into a reality? You […]

So what resolutions have you set for 2011? Each year thousands of us set goals – lose weight, spend more time with family, work less, or make more money. While intentions are great, often the passion we started with fades away … and another year goes by! If you really […]

Why do most people set goals and resolutions and do not stick to them in order to achieve them? Do you have a definite purpose by which you live? Are your goals set annually to progressively achieve this purpose? Studies have shown that, people who do not live by a […]