Your Brain Functions by Asking Questions Your brain is continually active, weighing up everything it sees and experiences in order to come up with what is important and needs attention, and what it can “delete”. If you are not consciously focusing on anything, your brain will slip over into automatic […]

As a new year approaches it is time to take inventory of your dreams, goals and actions and verify that your plans are working for your best interests. So here 6.5 questions you should ask yourself about your dreams and goals. Think about each question carefully and then write down […]

Power Questions. On a scale of 1 to 10 …? This is one of the most useful question formats that I use regularly. Here are some examples: When checking ‘;state’;. Even if my own observations seem clear about the state that a person is, asking this question is probably useful; […]

A lot of people understand the value of knowing oneself and how this can help lead to personal development. In addition, it is also easy to see that self-awareness can only develop after a process of introspection – or asking yourself probing questions that give you a clear idea of […]

At the heart of any coaching conversation are transformative questions. A coach’;s job is not to give answers but to ask questions. The right questions will allow the client to discover, transform, and empower them to take full responsibility for their answers. Nowadays coaching has become the hype of personal […]

An application essay is asked for when you are going through the admission process to get into most colleges and universities. Writing your essay can be much easier if you know what kind of questions may be asked of you. Here are some of the more common application essay questions […]

Do you experience fear? If you’re like the rest of us you do! However, is your fear stopping you from achieving the things you dream of achieving? Does your fear make you hesitate? Do you get paralyzed by your own thinking? Do you imagine the terrible things that could happen […]

Here’;s what may surprise you, your triumph in Elken is completely dependent on one idea and one idea only, that being your BELIEF. What seems to be an uncomplicated idea could really be the key why you have not churn out the kind of wealth you always wish you could […]

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