Writing a business plan for a franchised outlet of a larger company to get funding or find investors is difficult because the franchisor already has a plan which is working, but until you are privy to it upon purchase you actually know relatively few details. The franchisor must keep this […]

Proper planning is essential to success. Once you have clearly identified what your goals are it is important to carefully plan how you will achieve them. Many people skip this step in their excitement to pursue their goals. Failure to plan adequately however will lead to failure and disappointment. Repeated […]

You know, there’s much more to playing music than learning scales and chops. There’s a whole other side to playing music that’s in your mind and your heart. As a musician, if you create your own personal development plans and follow them, you’ll be able to do much more than […]

One of the key reasons, so many organizations, end up, with a dearth of genuine, meaningful, valuable leadership, is they, often, select these individuals, based on their popularity, empty rhetoric and/ or promises, or what they want to be, rather than developing viable solutions, and PLANS. In my, over four […]

You need directions or a map to drive to a new place. Personal development plans work in a similar fashion. While not essential to helping you reach your goals in self-improvement they can help you reach your self-improvement goals more effectively. They help you establish where you are now and […]

After more than four decades of involvement, in nearly every aspect of leadership, I have become convinced, nothing meaningful occurs, until/ unless, a specific leader, truly learns, and develops the essential skill, of quality, relevant, effective planning! However, while this may seem obvious, it is often challenging to find an […]

With any plan, advantages as well as disadvantages will arise. Though, there are many positives built within a leadership development plan. Foremost, the plan typically includes job assignments that will build an individual’s leadership skills. Nearly all plans allow for a hands-on experience for individuals within an organization. Through this, […]

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