I must say that working with people with Borderline Personalities has taught me more about psychotherapy than any other kind of clinical work because people with Borderline Personality Disorder need you to be good at listening, to be good at containing, to be good at setting boundaries, to be good […]

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a psychometric assessment tool that is designed to measure normal personality as observed in the work environment. The HPI is employed in personnel selection, employee development and for career-related decision-making. Personality profiling with the HPI is becoming increasingly common practice for organisations in their […]

Anxious worrying is one of several personality styles identified as a risk factor to developing a depressive disorder. The other personality styles, which have been described in previous articles are: – Irritable – Perfectionist – Social avoidant – Personal reserve – Self-critical – Self-focused – Sensitivity to rejection. Not all […]

The term personality refers to a person’s unique psychological characteristics: behavioral, emotional and cognitive. Your personality is made up of an interaction between your traits and temperament. Traits are features of your personality that are stable over time and across situations. For example, if people find you impatient at work, […]

There are many people who are having a hard time deciding about what career to pursue in life. Also, they are usually clueless on what path they will take so as to advance. And if you are among these individuals, the most crucial thing for you to remember is that […]

The very word "Personality" refers to one’;s own personal self. It originates from within oneself and makes us unique to our character and individuality. Each of us individuals are governed by our own feelings, temperaments and emotions which distinguishes us from each other. Over a period of time these exercises […]

Organizational Cultural Orientation The first factor to consider is the organizational cultural orientation, particularly as it relates to the perceived value of leadership development efforts. By cultural orientation we are referring to a number of facets. One of these is the belief structure of senior leadership (which is one of […]

Personality is our psychological behavior that affects the way handle people around us and the situations we encounter in life. You hear the term; he has a cool personality or he has a high temper personality. Both descriptions attempt to describe the person’s interaction with people and situations. In order […]