Everyone has dealt with procrastination at some point in life. It’s human nature to put off the things that they don’t enjoy. But sometimes, procrastination can be a major problem. Sometimes you might be in a positive groove, and then you can barely leave the bed. However, there are things […]

How you see yourself is ultimate how the world will see you – it’;s a fact. And let me expand on that to say "Seeing Yourself" means what’;s going on inside your head not what you are portraying on the outside. You may see a person who looks so confident, […]

Sometimes how much money we make – meaning lacking, or not enough, and so forth, might bring on a confidence and self-esteem crisis. No matter how much you make, how quickly you discover yourself broadening your life, or how much fulfillment your gain from your existence in this world, you […]

You can feel it. It is with you every single day. Sometimes it feels like the thought of a friend almost forgotten. Other times, it feels like you have to accomplish something right this instant. You look around you, and you know this is not where you are supposed to […]

Most people today live in a near-constant state of fear. Most people are totally unaware of this situation. People operate so automatically and re-actively to their experiences that they don’t see fear as a problem or anything to be concerned about. When everyone is afraid it just seems normal and […]

The myth about depression Whenever a person feels low, the individual will tend to say, “I am depressed”. This is far from the truth. “I feel depressed” is a more accurate state. Some of the symptoms are as follows: A general sense of low or down mood that pervades in […]

That’;s a big statement, but one must look at the cause to find the solution. Depression and mental illness is caused by the Spirit who seeks to correct something within a person or those who care for them. It’;s not in the guidelines of those who treat patients but it […]

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