When out to tell the world something in your writing, make your objectives achievable. I mean be real and to the heart. Some will criticize you and others will applaud you. You might unconsciously have actually set an objective even others will have a hard time attaining, even if they […]

What does it mean to be a manager? While the skills to be an effective manager are many and the exact mix of skills necessary will vary from job to job and sector to sector, most writers on business and management agree that successful management involves the planning, organizing, leading […]

Security guards protect what’s near and dear to us; our homes, offices, schools and other properties are all secured by guards. Security is of paramount concern nowadays when crime records have almost tripled since the last decade. Most people prefer to hire agents coming from reputed security guard companies. But […]

Most managers are familiar with the setting up of goals or objectives for their teams or departments. However there remains a lot of speculation on why Objectives are needed, who needs to have objectives and finally how to go about forming the perfect objective. Objectives are generally a list of […]

When a homeowner decides, he is ready and willing to sell his home, he must examine, using the utmost degree, of objective introspective, why he has decided to do so, and what he wants to achieve / accomplish (his personal objectives). In my, over a decade, as a Real Estate […]

Efficient and effective Human Resource management is a challenge to all HR professionals. Staffing, training and helping to manage people so that the organization is likely to increase the performance level is imperative to work in a productive manner. Normally, human resource functions are tracking data points on each employee. […]

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