Every Indie music artist should think about starting a blog. First though, a little rant. I’;m always shocked by the amount of crudeness people will allow on their MySpace pages. It’;s not always their own content either. In fact, usually it’;s the comments other people leave on their page. If […]

There has always been a strong correlation between people who are mentally challenged and the use of music. Consider the role of a music therapist who uses music as part of a course of therapy. In some cases, just the ability to communicate can be difficult and for many frustrating. […]

Music and Child Development Educators, scientist, researchers and doctors are confirming that musical training can significantly enhance child development. Several studies indicate that exposure to music (listening, learning and playing) does have beneficial effects for preschoolers. Active musical training can improve their problem-solving skills, physical coordination, poise, concentration, memory, visual, […]