A number of motivational speakers not only give out motivational statements and discussions, some of them are also writers. They write inspirational, self-help, and food for the soul books that will help a person be more inspired and motivated towards his everyday life. Titles and topics for these books include […]

If you’;re looking into working for yourself from the comfort of your own home, you should really get started with some sort of a motivational book. Working on your self worth is much more important then your net worth. Yes, you want to make money and succeed but when you […]

I am quite fond of reading self-help books, as I have seen a dramatic impact of those books upon my own life. My personal favorites are Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Joel Osteen, Paul McEnna, and Robert Kiyosaki. All these authors are part of my shelf. Some of my […]

The Maslow theory of motivation, based on a hierarchy of needs, was first presented in 1943. Since then it has become widely used on training courses, particularly those aimed at managers. However, there is little evidence to support key elements of the model. New research, based on Self Determination Theory, […]