Have you ever wondered how to be motivated? It’s no secret that in order to reach your personal development goals, you need a fire within, driving you toward success… but how can you find the daily motivation you need to bring you from where you are now to where you […]

High employee morale at your workplace is essential for employee retention and employee satisfaction. But, if your workplace is plagued by negativity that stifles employee motivation, if you go home from work every day with a splitting headache, don’t despair. Here’s an easy way to transform your workplace into a […]

You can stay motivated if you do certain rituals which keep you excited about moving forward. Here are 3 simple ways to keep yourself motivated consistently. 1. Rewards- Give yourself rewards when you hit your goals or you complete tasks that move you closer to what you want. So often […]

I often wonder what motivates us to stay productive. It’;s one thing to produce a positive result and yet another to consistently repeat that positive action. Only motivation, which comes from two sources, can keep us consistent. 1. Our own drive drive, self-talk and attitude. How we speak to and […]