Having decided that retiring from your current job does not mean you must not earn money in retirement, what are you going to do now? While this could be considered either a chore or an opportunity, some good choices now could set you on the road to many happy and […]

Do you have a passion to make a difference in the lives of others? Are you insightful and have the heart to inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams? Are you a natural encourager and want to empower others to live their best life possible? If you are seeking […]

What is self development? It is a process an individual under goes to recreate its personality for better living. Self development is holding oneself responsible for one’;s development by undergoing a series of assessments, ruminations and then taking proper action. Individuals galore are seeking the secrets of self development. If […]

You are researching and researching businesses that allow you to work from home. This is a very tough business. Mostly it is because we make it difficult. Most people are conditioned from birth to go get good grades in school to be able to go to college and then get […]

6 tips to afford life now and retiring young A Money Rebel defined? Young (adjective yung) – being in an early period of life or growth. Money (adjective muhn-ee) – legal tender. Rebel (noun reb-uhl) – a person that exhibits independence in thought and action. The need to be a […]

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