Peace of mind is an inner strength that has both emotional and biological value of immense proportions. From it flows true happiness which is not based on material accumulations or peer recognition. Everyone has the capacity, regardless of background or experience, to obtain this precious commodity. Here is one approach […]

There are two parts to our brains- the conscious mind, which handles all things we are aware of and the subconscious mind, which controls everything else. The conscious mind works only some of the time (when we are awake). But the subconscious mind is always at work. Whether we are […]

It’s indeed incredible that not many people pay a great deal of attention to what gets into their minds. You see, the mind is the single most important factor in determining who you are and what you do as an individual. If your mind is positive and creative, you can […]

The power to develop a creative mind is sometimes underestimated. This statement may seem controversial but it is not. It is rather a fact. The mind is always active regardless of what we are doing. This fact also cannot be disputed in any meaningful way. Every person should be a […]

In the early 1990’s the term “Thought Leadership” was coined by noted business leader and author, Joel Kutzman, in the magazine Strategy + Business. Mr. Kutzman used it to define a futurist or person who is recognized as an innovator of new and fresh ideas resulting in new products, new […]

There are quite a number of factors that influence the subconscious mind, these factors are more related to the kind of surrounding an individual find themselves in. Understanding how the mind works to perform its specific function is very important for anyone interested in finding information on the factors that […]

Goal setting turns some people right off! Even people who are serious about personal development and goal setting sometimes voice similar concerns. Why is that? Perhaps the goal is too ambitious for the abilities of the person concerned. And so they begin to stress and worry about never achieving it. […]