Money is not really everything when it comes to measuring success. You need to be happy with your life and you also have to have achieved your goals. You have to remember that there are different forms of being successful. There is being successful in your career and there is […]

When I speak with people, they often ask me if I read this or that self-help book. When I respond that I did not and that I have no intention to, they are quite shocked. It surprises many people to know that I do not read many self-help books. I […]

It seems to me that at the heart of attraction marketing success – or any other business or personal success that could be named – lies in one form another the art of personal renewal. We need to be refreshed, energized, strengthened, and renewed. It does not matter what you […]

It basically involves an attitude change that comes with the inspiration to transform that the client gets from talking to the life skills trainer. Perhaps one of the obvious benefits of becoming a life skills coach is that you will in many cases be directly involved in transforming the mind […]

"Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better." – Jim Rohn The self-improvement and growth quest is an active process and not a passive one. That’;s true in nature and it’;s also true in human nature. Growth entails a struggle to break free from existing conditions and expand […]

Archetypal Possibilities in Verdi’s Operas, especially Rigoletto – Starting out from the standpoint of Hermann Hesse in the Steppenwolf-Traktat that characters on a stage can represent parts of a single psyche, I began in the 1980s to look at my opera roles in this light. My thinking harnesses cultural history […]