How do you know managers in your organization are effective? Although the obvious way to assess a manager is through the results his or her team accomplishes there’;s a risk in only monitoring results. A team could reach its own goals yet not provide needed deliveries to other departments, ie […]

A project manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives. Key project management techniques include creating and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the triple constraints for projects, which cost time, money and quality. A PM is often a client representative and has to […]

Summary You know those courses and seminars that guarantee to help you reach your full potential? Most of them are quite useful. But there’s something you should know. Personal development courses may help you be a better person. They won’t make you a better manager. I Confess… Before I go […]

A great social media manager is, as Ron Burgundy would say: " The balls ". It’;s an undisputed fact that every business needs to be active in social media. The ever-changing demands of the modern day consumer requires brands to think fast and adapt quickly in order to stay one […]

Management Development may be defined as a process through which managers improve existing skills and learn new ones to facilitate their own development and that of the organization. In Organizational development, one of the major factors determining organizational success is the effectiveness of Management. Here, measures taken towards Management Development […]

The function of a Finance Manager is to provide financial information and advice in order to facilitate the process of making effective business decisions. This essentially involves conducting detailed research and analysis, implementing clear budgetary planning and ensuring the existence of proper and sound financial procedures, along with mechanisms of […]