Whether we work for ourselves or for others, are still in education or are even moving towards our later years, many of us will have occasion, where we may be on our life’;s path, to feel motivated to better ourselves. We may aspire to greater heights educationally or business-wise, be […]

Living a purpose driven life is a great way of overcoming depression. When you’;re dealing with depression it is easy to think that you have no reason to live, or that you’;re not good at anything, or nothing matters. If you’;re severely depressed, medication or electroconvulsive therapy can make you […]

Personal mastery is the result of setting goals and achieving success and is rooted in continuous self-improvement, especially towards gaining a competency in skill or knowledge. Some people have large lofty goals like surpassing Bill Gates’ net worth of $79.2 billion or creating an Oprah-sized media empire. Others may have […]

From the beginning of time, as our elementary science teachers taught us, living energy has existed. Over millions of years, this living energy has evolved into the world as we know it today. From the tiniest atom to the tallest skyscraper, energy comprises and permeates everything in our universe, including […]

If you think the creative life is the one for you and you’;d like some practical advice as well as inspiration on the topic, just take a look at these four superb books … 1. Creating A Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd. Billed as ‘;A practical course in career […]

Living in the ‘;When’;. We’;ve all done it. Everyone has at some time thought about ‘;when’;. When I get a different job …. When I live in Adelaide …. When the kids grow up …. When I was youngger …. When I retire …. Make up your own list – […]

Title and Author: My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn Synopsis of Content: This is a compilation of the essentials from Jim Rohn’;s books and talks spanning several decades. It was put together and published by Vic Johnson who also wrote the Forward. Johnson was a student of his […]

“The secret to joyful health for the mind, body, and spirit is mindful living.” ~ Coach Peggy Nelson Many of us have by now heard the terms “living in the present” or “living in the now” or “living mindfully” or something along those lines. To some they’re merely catch phrases […]

There is a likely probability that somewhere along the line of your personal growth and development that you’;ve been led to believe that in order to make anything of yourself, you must make great achievements. Fortunately, that belief is false. Living an Exceptional Life by Jim Rohn explains in great […]

Pretend you are a helpless, little creature in the bottom of a deep bucket with the rest of your family. For some, this will not take much imagination as it is an all too familiar scene. Okay. So you are on this journey of life … your adventure on planet […]

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