Back in 1983, well known American psychiatrist Scott Peck (1936-2005) published a book that by his own admission; “I have written it with trepidation,” was very difficult for him. That book was titled; People of the Lie. In this book he delves into the essence of human evil. Coming from […]

Family secrets and lies that are kept over many generations can have devastating effects on family descendants. It can dramatically affect how they view themselves as a person as well as their ability to interact in an effective way with family, friends and in their personal relationships. When a family […]

The Ability To View Your Audience Wearing Pyjamas This has been a famous visualization technique to overcome the stage fright for years. If not centuries, considering the negligent fashion style today. Apparently, not everyone succeeds in applying this ‘imagination weapon’ in their life situation. Understandably, as our imagination and its […]