New members of your downline will look to you for training and advice or assistance to help them get established in the business. They will be keen to succeed and highly motivated to learn. Here are some important tips to help you be effective in training your distributors. The effectiveness […]

It is important for those who work with preschoolers to choose a preschool learning activity carefully. Teaching preschoolers is a rewarding experience and young children are like pliable putty in their preschool teacher’s hands. Those who teach children, especially preschoolers, experience one of the finest joys that life has to […]

The term ‘360 Degree Appraisal’ is becoming increasingly familiar in modern organizations, although in practice, 360 feedback is more often linked to Performance Review, Coaching and Leadership Development. Our experience suggests Three Key Questions organizations should ask about 360. Firstly, ‘Why has the idea of the ‘360 Degree Leader’ become […]

I may be biased due to my years of experience in human resources and training with The Ritz-Carlton organization, but I firmly believe that the goal of every professional trainer should be to become a Chief Learning Officer. If this is not your ultimate aspiration, you may very well be […]

One of the challenges, for those, seeking self-improvement, etc, is, there are so many different explanations, available, for, precisely what it implies, and, necessarily, the necessary components, and proper application, in terms of our personal development. Most of us recall the line, from the movie, Happy Gilmore, when the character, […]

Best companies realize that only through effectively and continuously developing and training their employees can they acquire the core competencies needed for competitive advantage and flexibility. In addition, these companies are realizing the benefits of self-development by encouraging a work habit of reflection and learning. In these companies, learning is […]

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