Are you looking for an innovative approach to teach youth leadership skills and principles? In addition to being a great option, educational games engage and inspire. This article recommends eight strong potentials for in-school programs and youth seminars. Games · Everyday Leadership Cards Everyday Leadership Cards pack a punch! Each […]

In the broader sense, developing leadership is an effective way of enhancing the skill of a person. A company can make arrangement for their employee a leadership training program or an individual can enroll him / her in a leadership training course. Quality leadership is a combination of the right […]

While leadership internships are unique opportunities for providing youth with experience and exposure, preparation is essential. Therefore, developing and delivering a series of seminars on internships is proposed. To assist you, this article recommends relevant subjects to cover in the sessions. Youth will gain vital information and increase their confidence. […]

The first sign of a great leader is awareness. This unique individual is acutely aware of themselves and their surroundings, not unlike a skilled warrior. The Soldier’s Method of Values, Valor and Value relies initially on keen awareness of self and surroundings. Analyze these four areas to gain awareness and […]

While a high IQ can be impressive on paper, it doesn’t automatically grant you a top post, corner office, or a skyrocketing raise. Sometimes, even those promoted on top fail to bring out the best in their underlings. What seems to be lacking? Leadership training. Most companies do not understand […]

In Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership, Jim Nevada, executive consultant, coach, and entrepreneur, suggests that the essential element many leaders are missing and that sets apart successful leaders from the rest is a focus on purpose. In his book, he reveals how leaders can stay focused on their and their organization’s purpose […]

In five years, nearly half of the global workforce will be complied with Millennials, or those now in their 20s and early 30s. Millennials are generally described at team players and high achievers, though they’;re often perceived as being more technologically savvy than socially worn. A study by the Association […]

During the building of a new house some years ago, I happened to stop by the site one afternoon. As I walked through the house, I found the drywall contractor finishing his work in what would be the dining room. He had done a fine job, except for one thing […]