With the economy bordering on a recession, every company is looking for ways to increase revenues while decreasing costs. Some companies believe one of the easiest ways to do this is to cut their employee training budget. However, businesses interested in long-term liability recognize that to be successful they must […]

After more than four decades of occupation, in almost every aspect of leadership, from identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and / or potential leaders, I have come to believe, strongly, the single, most important aspect, of effectively, leading others, is the willingness, and ability, to […]

Multi-rater 360-degree feedback is a powerful process for developing people, renewing organizations, supporting a cultural change, team building, promotion and success planning, management development, building learning cultures, and implementing strategic initiatives. Organizations are flattening hierarchies by eliminating unnecessary layers of management and putting increased emphasis on empowerment, teamwork, continuous learning, […]

Although, we often discuss, and/ or hear others contemplate, how essential, quality judgment, and decision – making, is, to effective, meaningful leadership, this becomes, quite challenging, because, few are willing to commit to the necessary degree, and combination of time, commitment, attitude, and skill – set development, in order to […]

FOLLOW THE LEADER… THE EFFECTIVE LEADER THAT IS! If you have just set out on your entrepreneurial quest, then you more than likely have many questions regarding what steps to take next. The fact of the matter is, that even before you begin to implement a business plan, there are […]

After 4 decades of identifying, qualifying, developing and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, as well as the same amount of time, involved in all aspects of event planning, from negotiations, budgeting, planning, organizing, over – seeing, and what is generally referred to as the nitty gritty, […]

How, and what someone focuses on, and sees as his priority, generally is the basis and primary indicator of what he might achieve. Observers must take care to differentiate between oratory flourishes, and an over – dependence on somewhat meaningless (although often popular) empty rhetoric, as compared to actually accomplishing […]

Although there are numerous aspects that differentiate someone who is merely serving in some position of leadership, from another who is truly a quality, meaningful, effective leader, perhaps the single biggest reason for an individual’s impact, is a personal, compelling, never-ending desire to do his job, with excellence, and to […]

One of the greatest challenges, organization’;s Nominating Committees, often face, is determining, which potential candidates, may have the best chance, to make a meaningful, significant difference, for the specific group, and set of stakeholders. Far too often, they mistake, mere experience, for genuine, relevant expertise! Individuals often cite, as evidence […]

How can someone evaluate how they are performing as a leader? Certainly, unless they possess significant, relevant, meaningful and sustainable objectives, priorities, and goals, which are synergistic with the mission and heritage of their organization, their efforts and plans would have automatically lost much of its value or purpose. We […]

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