Bullying is a challenging and on-going aspect of life which anyone from children, adults and teenagers can experience. Forms of bullying have also evolved throughout the years with fewer limits to the ways in which an individual can be bullied, including the internet and mobile phones. Escaping from this problem […]

Often people only set one kind of goal and in doing this they set themselves up for a fall. There is more than one type of goal. Here they are: 1) Achievement goals – These talk about the end product that you hope to get. For example if you wanted […]

Remember the adage, I’;m from Kansas – show me ? How does that concept, factor into, effectively leading, and the best way, to do so, in a relevant, meaningful, sustainable manner? We need, to discover true leaders, who will be willing to take charge, and show us the way, by […]

"Know thyself" – Socrates What are Life Skills? The World Health Organization has defined life skills as, "the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life". UNICEF defines life skills as "a behavior change or behavior development approach […]

No one is born with a good personality. Individuals need to put consistent and sincere efforts in attaining an impressive personality. A person must have enthusiasm and the right attitude to ensure positive personality development as he is the only one who is responsible for his decision. Developing your personality […]

Every animate creation in the world possesses an inherent propensity for growth and development. Have you ever seen a flower blossoming and blooming in the garden? What a beautiful sight that is! Like a flower, men and women, too, possess the attitude to blossom and grow every day in our […]