Synopsis of Content: This is a classic self improvement book first published by Charles F. Haanel as a correspondence course in 1912 and then as a single book in 1917. This book was a key source for much of the material in the recent book and video entitled The Secret […]

Accountability is more a buzzword than a way of life at most companies. The average employee has never received real quality negative feedback — the kind of feedback that might help startle him or her out of career-dashing behavior and toward a more lucrative and successful work life. Smart employers […]

It involves a wide range of activities, such as allocating, delegating, goal setting, planning, organizing, prioritizing, analyzing how time is spent, monitoring and scheduling. Traditionally this practice referred solely to work or business-related activities. Nowadays, it is a broader term that involves personal activities. Those who suffer from Attention Deficit […]

The term ‘360 Degree Appraisal’ is becoming increasingly familiar in modern organizations, although in practice, 360 feedback is more often linked to Performance Review, Coaching and Leadership Development. Our experience suggests Three Key Questions organizations should ask about 360. Firstly, ‘Why has the idea of the ‘360 Degree Leader’ become […]

If you’;ve ever wondered how to become an online life coach, there are a few different directions you can take to becoming certified and well-established within this community. Although there is not one "right" way to become an online coach, there are a few tips that you can utilize as […]

After four decades of presenting hundreds of seminars, and training programs, to assist in personal development, and provide methods of more effectively, introducing self – help, I have come to believe, that one of the most valuable approaches, is properly, consistently, using positive affirmations. While many people say, they want […]

1. Top salespeople are driven, hungry, and ambitious. They envision themselves as being the best. The top 10% of salespeople make 70% to 80% of the sales in a company. 2. Top salespeople are bold and daring. They work to confront the fear that holds most salespeople back. Never forget […]

Why use executive coaching? Executive coaching is an essential part of any workplace leadership development program. It can provide key employees with an opportunity for personal development and reflection. This can increase their effectiveness individually and their leadership skills within a team environment. Executive coaching can help establish the strong […]