How you see yourself is ultimate how the world will see you – it’;s a fact. And let me expand on that to say "Seeing Yourself" means what’;s going on inside your head not what you are portraying on the outside. You may see a person who looks so confident, […]

The Image Board Technique Think about your life (or part of your life that is relevant to your goal) – what is important to you in your – life, career, relationship, etc? And record them below: Example; • Money • Love • Stability • Friendship Next put these in order […]

An old Chinese saying says: (in Chinese Pinyin) Ren kao yi zhuang, fo kao jin zhuang (Translation by meaning) Fine feather makes find bird. It also means that people are usually judged by what he or she is wearing. Although it is true in some cases, it ignored one very […]

The Ability To View Your Audience Wearing Pyjamas This has been a famous visualization technique to overcome the stage fright for years. If not centuries, considering the negligent fashion style today. Apparently, not everyone succeeds in applying this ‘imagination weapon’ in their life situation. Understandably, as our imagination and its […]

In today’s world of globalization and highly competitive business world, success is not just about academic accomplishments, technical skills and experience. Your self confidence in expressing your attitude, competence, credibility, professionalism and status together with a good self esteem and self image of yourself is extremely vital in giving you […]