Performance management positively impacts employees’ performance and productivity. Data from Development Dimensions International – an international major in the field of HR Consulting, shows that the percentage of goals achieved by employees increases substantially when a formal performance management system is put in place. With a good performance management program […]

Would you like to learn a new skill? Are you interested in a career change? Would you like to gain more creative or technical training? Fortunately, a variety of online learning platforms make this easy to do. For example, Mind Tools offers free assessments and downloads as well as a […]

Obviously, one has to overcome various shortcomings and hindrance before he/she make a great achievement; and similarly, people make society progress through multiple difficulties. It’s reported that mental illness has become increasingly pervasive around our country: about 1.7 million people are suffering from psychological diseases. And among them, anxiety disorder […]

If you think the creative life is the one for you and you’;d like some practical advice as well as inspiration on the topic, just take a look at these four superb books … 1. Creating A Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd. Billed as ‘;A practical course in career […]

A great social media manager is, as Ron Burgundy would say: " The balls ". It’;s an undisputed fact that every business needs to be active in social media. The ever-changing demands of the modern day consumer requires brands to think fast and adapt quickly in order to stay one […]

Using imagery is a powerful intuitive technique which creative women can use in creative projects as well as in other spheres of life for problem-solving. Imagery Explained Imagery entails the use of symbols, scenes, or images for fostering intuitive creative thought. It is a means of communicating qualities, reconciling incongruities, […]

SAS certification has assisted thousands of candidates by enhancing their level of personal development. The popularity of SAS is noticeable as it deals with different types of structured and unstructured data relating to different destinations. It is one of the customized integrated tools used for predictive modeling, data mining, and […]

Your morning routine can drastically alter the rest of your day, from your digestive health to your state of mind. Over the years, I’;ve developed a number of strategies to enhance the health-promoting aspects of my morning routine while also helping to get into a proper state of mind. Let’;s […]

Autosuggestion is a powerful technique that can help us overcome our deficiencies, smash through the barriers to our success, and increase confidence leading to improved decisions, greater results, and a higher level of overall happiness and satisfaction. Autosuggestion techniques typically involve self-affirmation, reinforcement of positive beliefs, and an overall boost […]

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