As the commercial reminds us, a mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. But to often we are content to let our gifts and abilities wither on the vine if it keeps us from verging too close to the unfamiliar and the unknown. But that way lies the path […]

I know there are a lot of gurus and forum marketers going around telling you how they can teach you how to get a ton of traffic to your website at no cost. For the very few of you who don’t know, traffic simply means the people or visitors coming […]

If you would like to have your own website on the internet for business or personal use but always thought it would be too expensive to buy and too difficult to maintain, think again. With a little help and the right guidance you can learn to build free easy websites […]

Article submission is one of the best methods for receiving a permanent back link that is really helpful in the SEO of your website. It is a very quick process of generating a link in top listed search engines. There are so many article submission sites that allow you to […]

I would like to start off by saying this is not a complete list of meditation techniques beginners can start with. They are simply techniques I came across, used and found useful and effective when I started meditating. Free meditation techniques beginners can start an introduction to the practice with: […]

Shagging a college degree using a home school approach seems an impossible dream after high school. When home school kids become college eligible they have to enter the institutional environment of so-called traditional colleges to acquire a degree. However, things have changed. Traditional college and even online colleges are no […]

The year is 2009. All of the major automobile corporations have staggering layoff numbers. Many of the manufacturing companies in different product areas are firing employees from top to bottom. I live in South Georgia and the top corporations in the entire state, that have a major economic impact on […]

One of the challenges, to becoming a truly, great, meaningful, significant, relevant, sustainable leader, is the willingness, to proceed, with an open – mind, rather than remaining within the restraints and restrictions of one’s personal comfort zone, and refusing to only do the same – old, same – old! Perhaps, […]

How might anyone be, a truly, relevant, significant leader, until/ unless, he considers all viable options and alternatives, rather than becoming confined – to, and restricted by the limitations of his personal comfort zone? True leaders must have the strength – of – character, to proceed, consistently, with a willingness […]

A careful planning or assessment test, of which there are many types, can be a valuable tool in helping you find your career direction. There are values ​​inventories, interest inventories, achievement and aptitude tests, personality assessments, and career maturity tests. Many high schools provide a free career testing for students. […]