1. Blame Blaming others means you don’t have to accept personal responsibility. Blame stunts your personal growth. It allows you to be a victim. Once you put on the mantel of victimhood, you no longer have to take care of yourself. It’s always someone else’s fault. You can get sympathy […]

By definition, people practice mysticism far more than they realize. The American Heritage dictionary defines mysticism as “consciousness of transcendent reality or of God through deep meditation or contemplation. Mystic is defined as relating to religious mysteries or occult rites and practices; one who practices or believes in mysticism.” Spiritually […]

Often people only set one kind of goal and in doing this they set themselves up for a fall. There is more than one type of goal. Here they are: 1) Achievement goals – These talk about the end product that you hope to get. For example if you wanted […]

Decades ago, the late, Senator Charles Goodell, said, Politicians are like antelopes, When things get tough, they paint their behinds white, and run, with the herd. While this has probably, always, been true, for many of those, in elected office, we have recently been witnessing, a level of empty rhetoric […]

Due, because of the advances in technology, including computers, the Internet, and the necessity of cyber – security, or, because, because of the development, of so many, possible, weapons of mass destruction, etc, there may be, more need, than ever, on strategic alliances, etc, than ever! In today’;s, often – […]

For many reasons, our public officials and politicians, focus on responsibly budgeting, not, based on doing what’;s necessary, best for the United States, but, often, more on politics, and some political decision, agenda, and / or self – interest. However, the reality is, whether one considers himself, to be, a […]

Leadership, by example, is what it truly means, to be a true, meaningful, effective, relevant leader! Many individuals seek positions, but few make the necessary, longer – term, inspirational, motivational, connection! Perhaps, this is because of some specific obstacle or obstacles, but, quite often, it is because, while it takes […]

Many polls, seem to indicate, the overall level of confidence, our citizens have, in our government, is at or near, an all – time low. Is it because of the excessive, partisan politics, dividing and polarizing Americans, seems to be ignoring over unifying, and bringing together, groups, and individuals, for […]

Few objective observers would deny, for better of worse, we have never, in recent memory, observed any President, behave, like our present occupant of that office. Donald Trump has spent his public career, in a way, which consistently brought attention, to himself, either by his actions, or rhetoric. Few would […]

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