Develop your most powerful tool towards enhancing a life that may be lacking generous amounts of financial abundance, joy and fulfillment – empower your mind! By empowering your mind, you also qualify yourself for potentially massive success in any economic climate. What if you KNEW, beyond the shadow of ANY […]

Your Brain Functions by Asking Questions Your brain is continually active, weighing up everything it sees and experiences in order to come up with what is important and needs attention, and what it can “delete”. If you are not consciously focusing on anything, your brain will slip over into automatic […]

Self esteem is a key ingredient in maximizing children’;s potential in academic achievement, social success, and personal happiness. This statement alone, was the inspiration behind the motivation for Children’;s Story Book ‘;The Magic Sunglasses’; written by Auriel Blanche. (Also known as Angela Buck) We all want to protect our children, […]