Learning is an ongoing and inevitable part of the human personality. Training is basically the present oriented learning whereas the development is the future oriented learning. The best possible way of getting excellent out of employees is lying in a fact how well they have been trained and motivated. Training […]

Over four decades ago, when I first began giving trainings and seminars, an individual, who I considered experienced and wise, pulled me aside, and explained to me, a concept he referred to as the Rule of 8, which he strongly believed was a necessity for effective communication. Since that time, […]

Here are several key components you should consider when building an effective web site. Mastering these elements will make your web site more visually appealing, user-friendly, and encourage repeat traffic. Layout Having a clean and neat layout is important for your visitors to be able to move around the site […]

If you care about developing yourself as a leader, if you want more effective leadership skills, what should you do? What’s the best approach? A lot of books have been written about leadership. There are hundreds in print right now. Many articles and videos are available on the topic, too. […]

Are you seeking to gain more wealth and buy your dream house or sports car? It can be possible with the help of the well-known Brad Yates. It can be possible even if it seems impossible through the Law of Attraction – the law of cause and effect. Money, good […]

Preview Motivated employees will work more effectively in their jobs and do more to further the bottom-line objectives of a company than unmotivated employees. As a manager, you are in a position to increase the motivation of your employees. This basic managerial skill training in motivation will enable you to […]

At the root of any successful leader is a strong ability to communicate. Sure, there have been leaders who have ascended into the highest positions and not had that skill, but they likely didn’t last long. This point was illustrated recently as I listened to a NPR program about the […]

The ability to speak clearly, eloquently, and effectively has been recognised as the hallmark of an educated person since the beginning of recorded history. Systematic comment on communication goes back at least as far as The Precepts of Kagemni and Ptah-Hopte (3200-2800 B.C.) Under the label ‘rhetoric’, the study of […]