I recently read executive search consultant James M. Citrin’;s The Dynamic Path , which promises "access [to] the secrets of champions to achieve greatness through mental toughness, inspired leadership, and personal transformation." In brief, the book examines the paths taken by numerous sports champions to find the common thread that […]

PHP and MySQL work together to help you do what looks like magical things with Web sites. Long ago, way back in the 1994 dark ages of the Internet, a very good thing happened. A genius named Rasmus Lerdorf wanted a way to track how many visitors came to his […]

We were planning for our 2009 excel course schedules when this excel calendar template idea flashes across my head. I started asking myself: Why not plan my schedule in Excel? If I could also list down all the public holidays in one section of the worksheet and the calendar can […]

People have been debating the nature of leadership for as long as records have been kept – certainly as far back as Homer and his peers. The topic continues to fascinate and enthral us today, but the way in which we assess leadership roles is changing. Where once we looked […]

The principles and practices of traditional Ashtanga Yoga Curriculum of sage Patanjali is great contribution for the development of the human resources based on the synchronization of the energies of the mind and body. The second limb of this system is called as Niyama or the personal observances. These practices […]