The business of mobile device management (MDM) has felt the impact of the effects of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend more than anyone except incumbents employers. It is employers who are next in line to feel the impact as they start to realize the changes which must be implemented within their […]

Are leaders fully conscious at work? They may look conscious, but are they in fact behaving unconsciously or habitually? Are they just acting out a combination of their personality and the skills that have brought them success in the past? With many organizations now experiencing high levels of complexity, uncertainty […]

Teams are a useful business tool for process and quality improvement, which may lead to higher customer satisfaction or cost reduction. Many managers recognize the benefits teams may bring but do not properly consider what it takes to get a team functioning in the direction management desires. When forming teams, […]

Psychologists, anthropologists, and social scientists have long suspected that the development of a child’;s creativity carries ancillary effects. While a painting or drawing that an adolescent creates may never make it further than the door of the family refrigerator, its value is often underestimated. Indeed, the process by which it […]

Since the mid 1990s, two worlds have been somewhat reluctantly colliding. Far from this being a universal and magical cosmic event, the fusion of culture into economic regeneration has been controversial and has split opinion on both sides. "Mozart is Mozart because of his music and not because he created […]

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients is that it’;s hard to come up with fresh content for their blogs and articles week after week, or to develop their ideas into workable content. To help, I’;ve put together some strategies designed to help you write smarter! In […]

How To Create A Brand? There are four effective steps in brand development strategy to create a brand: Choose the brand name and logo Establish the brand in the minds of customers Brand Sponsorship Develop the brand What Is Brand Equity? How to create a Brand is no way different […]

"Why should I train employees for my competitors? They’;ll just leave after I invest in their training. I am sure my jaw hit the table when I heard that executive’;s view of training during a break at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. How could he NOT do everything possible to […]

You’ve entered a new market with an innovative product that was bound to be a game changer but sales just aren’t hitting management’s objectives. Your background research showed an impressive market growth rate, you conducted a needs analysis, voice of the customer survey and SWOT analysis to determine company-specific solutions. […]