How To Create A Brand? There are four effective steps in brand development strategy to create a brand: Choose the brand name and logo Establish the brand in the minds of customers Brand Sponsorship Develop the brand What Is Brand Equity? How to create a Brand is no way different […]

Businesses, like buildings, require a blueprint or a design plan. Could you just start building and putting up walls? Sure, you can start enthusiastically and creatively, but there will come a point where parts aren’t coming together as they should and your efforts begin to feel unproductive, confused or even […]

PHP and MySQL work together to help you do what looks like magical things with Web sites. Long ago, way back in the 1994 dark ages of the Internet, a very good thing happened. A genius named Rasmus Lerdorf wanted a way to track how many visitors came to his […]

We were planning for our 2009 excel course schedules when this excel calendar template idea flashes across my head. I started asking myself: Why not plan my schedule in Excel? If I could also list down all the public holidays in one section of the worksheet and the calendar can […]

Every person has a variety of personal needs that have to be satisfied in order for him to find a sense of joy. Unfortunately, needs such as personal fulfillment, a sense of belonging, romantic connections and even physical needs such as sufficient sleep often take a backseat to the professional […]

A man’;s youthful days are the critical bridge between childhood and old age. It is the right period of our lives that we have both the physical and mental strength and are daring, having hearts that are filled with visions of the future. Many have regrets today at their old […]

1. Blame Blaming others means you don’t have to accept personal responsibility. Blame stunts your personal growth. It allows you to be a victim. Once you put on the mantel of victimhood, you no longer have to take care of yourself. It’s always someone else’s fault. You can get sympathy […]

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