There’s an old proverb, and I’m paraphrasing to the best of my ability, that goes something like this: “If a man has two coins, he should spend one on food and one on education.” I searched for the exact quote but, after thirty minutes of “coin trick” results, I decided […]

To continue to perform at a high level in life, a lot of people struggle a lot to find the most effective brain enhancer with the belief that this will be the only way to support their mental functioning, especially when issues about aging complicate the process. Truth is, there […]

Do you find yourself wanting more out of life, but stuck where you are? Are you feeling trapped in what the philosopher Thoreau called a life of ‘quiet desperation’? Well, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of people attend seminars, conventions, and ‘boot camps’ by some of the world’s most […]

Are people fascinated by so many things in the world because of their intellectual development, or does consciously feeding our mind stimulate high level thought and creative ability? Writer Steve Pavlina poses that idea in his book Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth. “What you […]

Self-development plays an important role in strengthening your self-esteem and will-power, but the root of all happiness and financial security begins at one place; your brain. I have written many articles on self-improvement and personal development, so, today I am going to focus on how to increase the brain power […]

Do a search on the internet for self help programs and prepare to be amazed. I am a self help guy from way back too, and I am amazed at all that is available for purchase. You can find a self help site for anything, I think, which is a […]

No matter what kind of depression you have, the pain is the same-caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. No matter what you’re depressed about, or even if you don’t know why you’re depressed, there are some simple things you can do to reduce your pain and anxiety, and […]

Overall health- The advantages of exercise on the human body should not be viewed in isolation; it’s totally incorrect to think only organs below the neck benefit from regular physical activity. To determine how exercise improves brain function, you should start with heart and lung exercise first and consider better […]

The role of a parent in an individual’;s mental health development and the health of our society, has never been so prevalent to me after studying the theories of Alfred Adler, Louis Cozolino, and Karen Horney. Each of these theorists agree that early childhood experiences determine a person’;s behavior and […]

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