How you see yourself is ultimate how the world will see you – it’;s a fact. And let me expand on that to say "Seeing Yourself" means what’;s going on inside your head not what you are portraying on the outside. You may see a person who looks so confident, […]

Are you passionate about storytelling? Do you want to inform command, motivate and integrate people through story telling? Opt for storytelling training and get the knowledge of the need of the individuals for guiding their actions. Moreover, with storytelling training, you will be able to make your audience aware of […]

Many obstacles exist to prevent us as business owners and entrepreneurs from reaching our true potential. Some are external, some are internal, and some barriers to personal growth and development can be remarkably personal. It is what goes on between the ears. It is what is going on inside our […]

If you are not being as successful in life as you would like then it is time to stop and analyze the situation. Step 1 is to identify the barrier. What is it that is stopping you from being successful? What is the problem? This is the diagnostic stage. You […]

If you feel like you just are not reaching the goals you set in your life, trying to recognize the barriers to your personal growth can be a good exercise. Regardless of the nature of the obstacles, many times you can achieve your goals with only small adjustments. The most […]