Social Media Basics For Internet Marketing

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When it comes to the basics of building a home business, a good place to start is with your own personal development. A good place to start with that is just by buying a book and reading it. There are many great ones out there but it never hurts to start with a couple of the best known like "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and "Think and Grow Rich." These are two of the best that many of the top people have not only read but studied closely.

Then more basic stuff would be learning the benefits of VALUE and TRUST. If you want others to want to do business with you, you have to learn to bring value to the table in such amounts that it builds trust with them. Anyone who has spent any time trying to learn how to build a home business online has seen people out there running from social site to social site "pitching their business opportunity" to every friend or connection they can make.

Those people are wasting their time and will be gone soon with their place taken by another new network marketer who has never learned any proper marketing techniques. They are only trying to use the same methods online that their sponsor taught them to use offline and have not realized that those methods are even less effective on the Internet.

Offering many times more value than what you are asking in payment is how others will measure your true worth. Steady pitching your deal to others on the social sites is the opposite of giving value and has the opposite intended effect. Instead of attracting prospects it will repel them. You must use freely offered value to inspire trust. To inspire trust and prove your credibility you have to have capabilities and you have to be relevant. That will involve you learning the current effective methods and teaching them freely to others.

These are the building blocks of the relationships you will have to build for your home business to be successful. When you are offering value and inspiring trust you will be attracting a steady stream of customers and business partners to you and will have to chase no one.

Building a home business on the Internet will require you to learn how to drive traffic to your site or sites and convert that traffic to leads once they get there. Google gets a ton of traffic but Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube combined get more. With the explosion of social media and with the trends of big business starting to make an appearance there it is important for any new marketer to learn and utilize these sites.

To be effective on the social media sites you have to build a following of people who trust you and value your opinion and ideas. The key is to generate free traffic and drive it to your "marketing hub" or your blog where you offer something valuable in exchange for their contact information. Then your marketing system or "funnel" steadily drips valuable information on your prospects and when they move further into your funnel, by buying one of the effective tools or services you have offered them, they will become tightly targeted leads for your business.

It is also important to leverage your efforts and time spent driving traffic online and that is another reason not to overlook the free social media sites. You can link them together so any activity on one site will show up on the other sites automatically. That will generate automatic traffic for you.

You can start a viral effect with your efforts to build followers when you link them together with your blog. You put a link on each of your social sites to your blog. Then make sure you have an autoresponder service with a form on your blog and have messages in you autoresponder that invites everyone to connect with you on your social sites. Then when the friends of your connections see they are communicating with you they will be curious and check you out and be able to follow you with your automatic invitations.